About Mishawaka, Indiana

The snow storm in Mishawaka City has caused a lot of trouble but the local residents and the government are making the necessary moves to restore or clear the streets. The city is a great place to live and take a vacation. The neighborhood is peaceful and you will have a great time there. Those who are interested to buy a new home can make use of the first time homebuyer program. People with moderate incomes can take advantage of this. Applicants will get assistance with their down payments through a forgivable loan. Thanks to the HOME and HUD program funding, more and more people can acquire their new homes within the city. With the many restaurants and recreation places to check out in the city, anyone will surely have a great time on their visit to this city. Whether you are a tourist or a local resident, you can explore the city any time you want. There are buses and train stations where you can take a ride. You can also arrive at the city through air travel. There is an airport that you can access for ease of travel into the city. Like any other city in Indiana, Mishawaka offers only the best. There are parks and other recreation areas that tourists and residents can explore. You have many things to be thankful for if you’re in the city. With the many amenities that the city offers, you will have a great time with the family or with your special s

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Mishawaka Facts

  • Population Total: 48252
  • Square Miles: 15.7
  • Area Code: 574
  • Elevation: 719
  • Postal Codes: 46544-46546
  • Timezone: North American Eastern
  • Website: