About Muncie, Indiana

Muncie is a city that can be found in the state of Indiana. It has been labeled as the All-American City that can be found in the County of Delaware. Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) shows that more or less the population is around 120,000 by now. The city’s name was originated from Munseetown, a town founded by Delaware Indians of the White River. The city is famous for the Ball Brothers’ corporation that manufactures plastic, canned, glass containers for food that started in 1865. Muncie may be stated as your typical American home but there are eccentric and humungous attractions like the Oakhurst Gardens; six acres of garden and the renovated house of the Ball Brothers. There are a lot of museums in Muncie. To name a few, the Moore-Youse Historical Museum is an ancient house owned by the same family generations consecutively, Ball State University Museum of Art founded none other than the Ball Brothers, and Emily Kimbrough Museum will keep your mind entertained of their historical past or if you would like to walk 40 acres of landscape then be sure to drop by Minnetrista Cultural Center, a uniquely modernized museum. If you love music then they offer theatres like Ball State University Opera Theatre and the delightful Muncie Civic Theatre which shows live variety performances. The blood of the Muncie business is owed to the famous Ball Brothers who were the reasons for the city’s booming glass and steel industry. Some of the establishments or almost all of the beautiful universities, planetarium, observatory and even theatres are the works of the Ball Brothers’ diligence.

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Muncie Facts

  • Population Total: 70,085
  • Area Code: 765
  • Elevation: 932
  • Postal Codes: 47302-47308
  • Timezone: North American Eastern
  • Website: