The Top Ten Kansas Attractions

Did you know that Kansas is considered to be the actual birthplace of the eGovernment? The Kansas legislation passed the Information Network of Kansas back in 1990 and in the year 1991 the INK awarded the Kansas Information Consortium LLC the contract for network manager and then the operations for eGovernment started. Kansas has some amazing attractions to visit. Here are the top ten Kansas attractions.

10. Kansas Aviation Museum

The Kansas Aviation Museum is located near Wichita Kansas in Sedgwick County. It has a variety of displays which includes the Boeing 737-200, B-47 Stratojet, Lockheed T-33 and the Republic F-84F.

9. Allen Fieldhouse

The Allen Fieldhouse is located in Lawrence Kansas. It's an indoor arena and it's located at the campus of the University Of Kansas.

8. Sunset Zoo

The Sunset Zoo is located in Manhattan Kansas. It's also known as the Sunset Zoological Park. It has around 300 species.

7. Joyland Amusement Park

The Joyland Amusement Park is located in Wichita Kansas. It was in operation for around 55 years but then it closed back in the year 2004. However, it's still popular because there have been some rides left for people to enjoy but it mainly is now abandoned and a lot of the rides plus buildings have been vandalized.

6. Tuttle Creek Lake

The Tuttle Creek Lake is actually a reservoir that is located on the Big Blue River. The Army Corps of Engineers operated and built the Tuttle Creek Lake to help with flood control. It's the second biggest lake in Kansas.

5. Eisenhower Presidential Center

The Eisenhower Presidential Center is located in Abilene Kansas. The admission to the boyhood home, visitor center and the place of meditation is free but the admission to the actual museum is $10.

4. Topeka Zoo

Topeka Zoo is located in Topeka Kansas. It's a medium sized zoo but there's still a lot to see. It has over 150,000 visitors every year. Some of the exhibits include the Black Bear Woods and the Waterbird Lagoon.

3. Sedgwick County Zoo

The Sedgwick County Zoo is located in Wichita Kansas. It's a big attraction in Wichita. It was founded back in the year 1971 and the Swdgwick County Zoological Society helped. It has over 2,500 animals and over 500 species. It's ranked as one of the number one attractions for outdoors in Kansas.

2. Exploration Place

The Exploration Place is located in Wichita Kansas. It's a hands on modern museum and it's in the Delano neighborhood. Some of the exhibits include a tots spot that was designed just for toddlers, a kids explore area and a small scale recreation area of how life was like back in the 1950's for Kansas.

1. Schlitterbahn Kansas City

The Schlitterbahn Kansas City is located in Kansas City, Kansas. It's a resort complex that was opened back in the year 2009. The Schlitterbahn Kansas City has around 1,500 guest rooms and a transportainment river system.

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