About Hutchinson, Kansas

The largest city of Reno County, Kansas, Hutchinson City was discovered in 1871 in was officially built-in on August 15, 1872. Hutchinson City has large entombment camps that established during World War II. These are the Camp Funston, Camp Philips, and Camp Concordia. These camps reflect the braveness and loyalty of Kansas military to their native place. Aside from camps, the city is also rich in tourist spots. As you visit Hutchinson City, your first destination will be Downtown. This place features lots of promising entertainment facilities such as arts, shopping, and local musicians. Downtown is popular for its special event every third Thursday of the month. This also offers restaurants, unique boutiques, and several souvenirs for your friends and family. There is also Hutchinson Zoo that shows several animal species. This remarkable place entertains you as well as your kids with educational pet shows. The people in Kansas proudly state that this Hutchinson Zoo brings both knowledge and enjoyment to the visitors. You will be satisfied if you will visit the Reno County Museum that features historical events as well as artistic portrays. Apart from that, this museum offers art programs that could help to support the people who want to show their talents. And most of their artworks are posted on art galleries where people could choose and buy. Hutchinson City is also known as the “Salt City” because salt is their main production in their industry. Due to this, lots of countries are prefer to widely invest in their salts for their international business.

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