About Olathe, Kansas

Beautiful, the very word uttered by the city’s founder, Dr. Barton, when he came across the flower-filled lands of Olathe way back in the year 1857. The city’s name’s meaning is ‘beautiful’ itself, a Shawnee native word. Beyond the shadow of a doubt, if Barton will gaze at the whole metropolitan at the present time, he would still find that same word, for the city is a natural heaven in the midst of towers rising up to the skies. On top of that, Olathe is right on the 11th spot of the Best Cities to Live in the United States. As the Kansas state’s fourth largest city, Olathe had sprung from a small community into a very huge urban zone. A multitude of big corporations are living in the city. In the entire United States, this area is where the third largest insurance association, the Farmers Insurance Company, has the most number of employees although its headquarters is in Los Angeles. Honeywell, a Fortune 100 Company and a major provider of different consumer products, has a branch in the area, too. Not to mention that ALDI, a German-based supermarket, is also present in Olathe. Not only is the city proud of its business side, the remarkable places and green section of Olathe have their own thing for beauty as well. The Prairie Highlands Golf Course, Olathe Lanes East, Traditions Fire Company and Museum, Colonial Bookstore, and Amc Studio 30 are just some of the land’s exciting places to be seen.

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