About Topeka, Kansas

Topeka is the capital of the state of Kansas. It is situated just in the northeast section of it. “A place to dig good potatoes” is the real description of the city’s name. What they were referring to was the prairie potato though, which was a vital food for the Native Americans in the past. The city has been a big influence in the civil rights movement due to the fact that a very significant event took place in its corners in the 20th century. Through the years, this metropolitan has struggled with frequent ups and downs especially with its economy, but still it has emerged from the depths victoriously. The issue with racial separation, like in some states in the nation, has been a constant conflict with the City of Topeka, leading to a remarkable event which caught the attention of the entire nation. A very determined woman named Linda Brown strongly advanced against the ‘separate but equal’ rule implemented in American public schools. Through her efforts, schools were integrated; however, that did not dismiss this disturbing matter completely from the city. Apart from the conflicts, it still shines as a blessed city with charmed parks and lively performance houses. Some of which are the Topeka Performing Arts Center, Kansas Expo Center, the Helen Hocker Performing Arts Center, and the Topeka Civic Center. The Heartland Park Topeka has road courses for racing and other motorsports events. Huge varieties of roses and crystal clear waters would be seen in Reinisch Rose Garden and Doran Rock Garden.

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