About Alexandria, Louisiana

Visiting a certain area offers you with a great travel experience that you may only have in that certain area. This is the same in visiting Alexandria, Louisiana. Alexandria, Louisiana has several attractions you’ll definitely enjoy like museums and historical sites. It has various types of museums suitable for every guest. For instance, the Alexandria Museum of Art showcases various artworks by various artists and institutions. They have special art features and also conduct talks and conventions related to art. Various events are also held and even classes within the institution. The TREE House Museum is perfect for kids if you want to bring them on a trip but still maximize learning. They have various events and features that teach your children about science, arts, and a lot more through interesting teaching methods and visuals. Now, you can combine learning and leisure in one travel. For a more historical trip, visiting the Kent Plantation House will bring you back to the year 1796 when Creole plantations is a part of the community. You’ll see houses, barns, mills and other establishments built during those times which are preserved for everyone to see nowadays. They’re furnished with various antique equipments during those years. Recreation activities are also encouraged by visiting their Four Seasons Bowling Center and the Grand Theatre. Bowling with the family is among the common bonding activities they can do and this bowling center is one of the best places where to do it. The Grand Theatre presents various films that every family will love as well as snacks with one free refill.

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