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Coordinates: 32°21?09?N 92°58?37?W? / ?32.3525°N 92.97694°W? / 32.3525; -92.97694Bienville is a village in Bienville Parish, Louisiana, United States. The population was 262 at the 2000 census.There are seven cemeteries located near the village.The retired American Football League player Charlie Hennigan was born in Bienville in 1935. Louisiana Fifth District U.S. Representative Rodney Alexander of Jackson Parish was born in Bienville in 1946.Another Bienville native was the historian Garnie W. McGinty (1900?1984), of Louisiana Tech University in Ruston and the educator Stephen A. Caldwell, principally of Louisiana State University in Baton Rogue.Louisiana Tech speech professor E. R. Minchew began his educational career as an assistant principal and coach at Bienville High School in the 1929-1930 academic year. From 1932-1964, Minchew was principal of Castor High School in Castor, another village in Bienville Parish.

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  • Area Code: 318
  • Timezone: North American Central