About Kenner, Louisiana

Located at Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, USA is a city and at the same time a suburb of New Orleans called ‘Kenner’. A city rich in history and much inclined to be representing the political arena as local residents such as Danny Martiny the Republican attorney and a former Louisiana House of Representatives, Art Lentini in the Senate, and Kernan Hand a retired court judge are involved in the government. But behind the serious political background of some residents, Kenner stays firm as a simple American city living with recreations such as parks and gymnasiums, to name a few, Adult Complex, Galatas, and Lincoln Manor. Kenner taken from Minor Kenner was established in the year 1855 which had been purchased by the Kenner family. From its humble beginnings, Kenner is surrounded by establishments that even today stand stable in the midst of the decline of the economy in the USA. They have done this by preserving historical districts like Rivertown originally the main street of Old Kenner. Tourist attractions consist of art & cultural resources, planetarium & science museum, shops, and fine dining establishments that satiate the senses. While you’re in the city, be sure to have a little fun with your money as you venture your way to Treasure Chest Casino or spend your dough on a shopping spree at The Esplanade Mall located at East Jefferson. If you care to relax while doing sports, go to Chateau Golf and Country Club located still at East Jefferson (the East Bank of Jefferson Parish). Because when in Kenner, you are ‘politically’ inclined to enjoy yourself and have fun!

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