About New Orleans, Louisiana

The devastation of hurricane Katrina has not stop the city of New Orleans, Louisiana to amaze every people across the nation. With a distinct kind of language, American English, the city never forgets to communicate through producing different transformations for the locals. Infrastructures like tall buildings and condominiums made way for investors. The transportation system of the country is a pride for with them is the oldest operating streetcars, St. Charles line. The city also promotes bicycling other than vehicles due to the lesson they learned after the Hurricane Katrina destruction. Jazz, hip hop, rap, ballads and R&B are the music of the New Orleans people. It is matched up with symphony orchestras, operas and ballet that display the unbelievable talent of the people. A whole year round of festivities will be the highlight of the city in terms of tourist attraction. On top of the list is the Jazz and Heritage Festival that makes listeners go crazy. Local favourite dishes such as beignets and muffulettas are available 24/7 to serve the people a taste of New Orleans. The city became the 3rd top destination in terms of food for the unmatched tie-ups of flavours from Western to eastern cuisine. The late night eats, open air dining and ethnic restaurant are the epic food adventure of all time. Through it all, New Orleans spread its wings to survive economic chaos brought by catastrophic events and the economic depression. These and more will make every visitor com

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