About Portland, Maine

When wanderlust kicks in, run off to Portland City in the state of Maine in the United States of America. The city, which is populated by over 64,000 people, will provide you the nostalgic feeling of their history and the presence of now which is the modern technology-based world. The city is the host of Maine’s business capital. You might even say, without Portland, there would be no Maine. If you have not decided whether you want your vacation to be in a city environment or you want the view of a magnificent ocean then there is no hassle in Portland whether undecided or not, you will get both options without much effort because the city sits by Casco Bay and roaming around the city will be convenient because of its modern services. Services are not the only plus points of the city but the people itself have a personality of the warmth of the sunshine. Portland is a mixture of relaxed mode of living but having the attitudes of the people who are hardworking and responsible making the products of their work a class quality. The true meaning of Portland’s at eased mode is because it is one of the safest places in the United States. It is on the top of its game because businesses are on the edge. If you plan to stay permanently then buying your own house is an easy goal because housing there is very affordable. Everything in the city is preserved and restored so that even with its success in the present Portland will look back at its humble beginnings with a sense of satisfaction and gratitude.

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Portland Facts

  • Population Total: 66,194
  • Square Miles: 21.2
  • Area Code: 207
  • Elevation: 62
  • Postal Codes: 04101, 04102, 04103, 04104, 04108, 04109, 04112, 04116, 04122, 04123, 04124
  • Timezone: Eastern
  • Website: