About Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore does not only stand proud as the United States of America’s largest independent city, it is also one of the premiere places which project its rich history and fascinating culture. Founded in 1729, Baltimore is situated in north-central Maryland. Its humid subtropical climates make it ideal for under the sun leisure as well as business. It was named after the founder of Maryland Colony, Lord Baltimore. Baltimore is very much frequented by tourists because of its diverse attractions. It houses many enjoyable spots for people who have diverse interests. Its streets are packed with admirable entertainment establishments which provide Baltimore a charm that keeps inviting people to return to the city. It houses the Baltimore Inner Harbor, which is recognized for its classy restaurants, chic shopping and different types of leisure activities. Baltimore also offers lots of interesting places that can be explored such as the Maryland Science Center, National Aquarium and the Reginald F. Lewis Museum of Maryland African American History. History junkies will really enjoy the Fort McHenry as much as the sports fanatics will love Baltimore’s Sports Legends Museum and the Baltimore Orioles Hall of Fame. Anyone who visits Baltimore must end the day with their sumptuous steamed crab, a locally eaten delicacy which has been the favorite of many. It is also the home of the second oldest African American high school, the Frederick Douglas High School as well as the third oldest public high school in the United States, the Baltimore City College. Baltimore’s world-class amenities and amazing places make it a great place for pleasure and industry. It is, indeed, one of America’s most spectacular places.

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