About Bowie, Maryland

Bowei City can be located within the Prince George’s County of Maryland in the United States. Tracing back its history, it is quite interesting to note that this city was once just a little railroad and has now evolved as the biggest municipality of the County of Prince George. It’s also the fifth from the most crowded city and the third as the largest city in terms of area within the Maryland State. For those who would like to visit this place, they need not worry about the security since not only the Bowie Police Department will help maintain your safety but also the County Police of the Prince George as well as the Office of the Sheriff. Bowie Police Department is the main law enforcement agency of the city, while the County Police of Prince George and Sheriff’s Office are the ones to aid them if needed since this is directed by the proper authority of the city itself. Thus, anyone can forget worrying about their safety and just enjoy all the things to see and do that the Bowie City will provide. Being one of the largest cities with regards to its area, Bowie is one of those favorite places of the tourists and therefore making its tourism very active. It has several recreational activities as well as fun places to visit. Like for example, the Belair Stable Museum which is overflowing with the interesting history of the Bowie and will never get tired of providing you with information. There is also the Golf and Country Club where anyone can just enjoy playing golf, whether seriously or not.

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Bowie Facts

  • Population Total: 54727
  • Square Miles: 16.1
  • Area Code: 301
  • Elevation: 154
  • Postal Codes: 20715-20721
  • Timezone: North American Eastern
  • Website: