About Frederick, Maryland

It was in the year 1745 when the Frederick town received its first settlers and built their houses as led by Sir John Thomas Schley. Years later, temporary shelters were made into permanent buildings and business establishments began serving residents until it was founded in the year 1748. Before reaching the year 1800, Frederick town was slowly growing with buildings and plenty of houses being erected in the area. Dependence in labor industry and agriculture were factors for further development of the town until the time of the Civil War. Workers with iron-making skills labored in manufactories making products for homes, farms and the government and even making cannon balls for the Revolutionary War. Frederick’s growth after the Revolutionary Era was no exemption with the development of the country into a world authority. The town became the starting point of the careers of the few who spent their years learning about the law. When the national road opened in the year 1808, it provided a great way for travel and trade for people and towns in the east and west. It was the time when businesses were established and the development of water and electrical systems in the year 1888 added boost to the economy of the town. Years after were marked by few economic recession and disaster. Little economic and population increase were recorded during this time. However, the upsurge in economy was felt by the end the century. The coming of new inhabitants also brought new ideas to revive the cultures of the town. Places for the development of local talents and artists are continually promoted to preserve the beauty of arts. The Keys Baseball Team also hogs headlines every now and then. The City of Frederick, being the second largest City of Maryland, undoubtedly has a very bright future in economy that will offer improved quality of life. The things of the past still inspire the people into looking ahead of this ever-changing times.

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