About Gaithersburg, Maryland

Gaithersburg is part of the Montgomery County and the fourth largest city in the state of Maryland and located approximately 27 miles northwest of downtown Washington, D.C. The city is divided into two areas: the eastern section which is the business center that includes “Olde Town” (the central business district), the Montgomery County Fair Grounds, and the Lake Forest Mall; while the western section includes the Lakelands community and the Ketlands community, two communities that embraces “new urbanism” (an urban design movement promoting walkable neighborhoods). Early settlement in Gaithersburg started in 1765 as an agricultural community known as “Log Town”. When Benjamin Gaither inherited the land from his father-in-law Henry Brookes in the year 1850s, the name of the small town was changed to Gaithersburg until it was officially incorporated as a city on April 5, 1878. The city is the home of the Gaithersburg Latitude Observatory, built in 1899 and belongs to the system of six International Latitude Observatories (the other observatories are in Japan, Italy, and Russia). In 2007, the observatory was listed in the National Register of Historic Places and the only National Historic Landmark in the city. It is also home to National Institute of Standards and Technology which is located in west Gaithersburg. As of 2009, the city’s major employers are NIST, IBM, Medlmmune, Sodexo, Asbury Methodist Village, The Gazette, Gene Logic, BroadSoft, Qiagen, and Airline Foods. CNN anchor Kiran Chetry, football player Guy Prather, and NBA basketball player James White are among the notable residents of Gaithersburg.

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