The Top Ten Massachusetts Attractions

Massachusetts is a state that's within the region of New England. It's the 14th state that is the most populous. Massachusetts is also the 3rd state that's the populated within the US. Massachusetts plays a big role in American History and in cultural history. Massachusetts also has a lot of unique attractions. Here are the top ten Massachusetts attractions.

10. Water Wizz

Water Wizz is not only popular but it's also the only Waterpark for Cape Cod. It's located in East Wareham Massachusetts. Some of the attractions include kiddie attractions and slides.

9. Plymouth Rock

The Plymouth Rock is located in Plymouth Massachusetts. The Plymouth Rock was founded in the year 1620 by the Mayflower Pilgrims and William Bradford. This is one symbol that's also very important to American history. Listen to some of the story below.

8. Old Sturbridge Village

The Old Sturbridge Village is located in Sturbridge Massachusetts. It's a living museum. It recreates the life that was rural in New England between the 1790s and all the way thru the 1830's. The village also has around 59 buildings that are antique, a working farm and it also has three water powered mills. Here is a quick tour of the Old Sturbridge Village.

7. Museum of Fine Arts

The Museum of Fine Arts is located in Boston Massachusetts. It's one of the biggest museums that's within the US. Over one million visitors visit the Museum of Fine Arts every year. It has over 450,000 collections of art. The Museum of Fine Arts was founded back in the year 1870. Some of the highlights of the Museum of Fine Arts includes the American collection and the European collection.

6. Franklin Park Zoo

The Franklin Park Zoo is located in Stoneham Massachusetts. It's a zoo that covers 72 acres. Back in the year 1912 the zoo was opened. The City of Boston managed the zoo until the year 1958 and then the Metropolitan District Commission took over the zoo. Some of the Franklin Park Zoo exhibits include The Tropical Forest, Outback Trail and The Children's Zoo.

5. Harvard Square

The Harvard Square is located in Cambridge Massachusetts. It's a big triangular area that's in the center of Cambridge. Here's an inside Harvard Square Hotel tour.

4. Museum of Science

The Museum of Science is located in Boston Massachusetts. It has over 500 exhibits that are interactive and it features a big amount of presentations that are live throughout the day. It also has the Mugar Omni IMax Theater and it's also an accredited member of the popular Association of Zoos and the Aquariums. It has over 100 animals and most of the animals have been rescued from situations that where dangerous and rehabilitated.

3. New England Aquarium

The New England Aquarium is located in Boston Massachusetts. Some of the exhibits include the Freshwater gallery, The Thinking gallery and the Animal Medical Center. Some of the venonmous fish include the scorpionfish and the lionfish.

2. Six Flags New England

Six Flags New England is located in Springfield Massachusetts. It was once the Riverside Amusement Park. It's one of the oldest Six Flags parks. Some of the rides include the Mind Eraser, Thunderbolt, Buzzsaw, and Crime Wave, Flashback and the Batman and The Dark Night roller coaster ride.

1. Martha's Vineyard

The Martha's Vineyard is located in the south part of the Cape Cod in Massachusetts. It's a summer colony that's very affluent.

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