About Beverly, Massachusetts

Formerly part of Salem, Beverly City was first discovered by Roger Conant in 1926. Due to the religious differences under the government of John Endicott, Beverly has been incorporated officially in 1668. Beverly City is renowned as one of the places of Massachusetts that compose prominent education establishments. As a matter fact, it has K-5 elementary schools which every wise man believes is the most efficient learning center. Some of these elementary schools are Hannah, Cove, North Beverly and Centerville. The Briscoe Middle School is the only popular middle school in the entire city. The government of Beverly City supported the nongovernment foundations of building middle schools that give funds and opportunity to the less fortunate school youth. Additionally, they also promote other schools for those who are defeating addiction to alcohol or drugs. Also, the city is known for private schools like Harborlight Montessori School and Waring School. Another popular school that most foreign students want to visit and explore is the Beverly High School. This school was founded in the year 1858 and gradually developed through popularizing proper social education. The Endicott College is much known for its effectiveness and highly influencing art communication training. The city is also remarkable when it comes to entertainment facilities. There is the North Shore Music Theatre, a place which usually holds a program of musicals and some celebrity concerts. This theater establishment is revered as one of the most popular non-profit making music theaters that offers long lasting enjoyment for the visitors.

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Beverly Facts

  • Population Total: 39,343
  • Square Miles: 16.6
  • Area Code: 978 ; 351
  • Elevation: 9
  • Postal Codes: 01915
  • Timezone: Eastern Standard
  • Website: Array