About Brockton, Massachusetts

At Plymouth County, you can find Brockton City. It ranks sixth on the largest Massachusetts cities. Some people even call it as City of Champions and this is because of the popularity of boxers like Marvin Hagler and Rocky Marciano. The sports programs of Brockton High School are also quite successful. It was in 1883 when the first 3-wire underground electrical system was activated in Brockton and in 1894, the City Theater was opened. The land area of the city is 21.5 sq miles. The city can be found 20 miles from the Boston’s south and 30 miles Rhode Island (Providence). There are many shoe factories in the area. In the past six years, the demography in the area has changed significantly. The population has increased and the rest of Massachusetts. The city has 3 hospitals – Brockton Veterans Administration, Caritas Good Samaritan Hospital, and Signature Healthcare Brockton Hospital. You can find both public and private schools. Higher education can be carried out by students in colleges like Massasoit Community College, Eastern Nazarene College, Lincoln Tech, and Sullivan and Cogliano Training Centers. When you’re in the city, you have several options. The major highways include routes 24, 27, 123, 28, 14, and 37. You can travel by bus. The BAT or Brockton Area Transit Authority operates the bus operations and it can run routes to Cary Hill, Campello, Montello, and many others. Rail lines are also available like the Middleborough/Lakeville Line. Visit Brockton City today and explore the popular attractions. This is your chance to have a vacation or find a property to invest on.

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Brockton Facts

  • Population Total: 93,810
  • Square Miles: 21.5
  • Area Code: 508 ; 774
  • Elevation: 112
  • Postal Codes: 0230102302023030230402305
  • Timezone: Eastern Standard
  • Website: