About Chelsea, Massachusetts

Chelsea is an inner urban suburb of Boston in Suffolk County of Massachusetts, with a diverse population of approximately 35 thousand people. Its strategic location that is on Boston Harbor and only three miles from the airport makes it accessible by water, rail, land and air; the city’s economy depends on it. A major change during the 90’s was made, it focuses on uplifting the quality of service the city provides to its residents and businesses and establishing financial rules that greatly improved the city's financial condition. Rising emphasis on the local economy and asset improvement has lead to an overflowing of new businesses and house buyers interested in availing of the great services the city can offer. For this reason, Chelsea has become one of the densely populated incorporated places in the United States. Notable people also lived in this marvelous city, for they were struck by the wonder and ease of access this city can offer. Chelsea provides general services for its constituents that include police and fire protection, trash collection and disposal, primary and secondary public education, water and sewerage services, parks and recreation, health and social services, libraries or culture, and maintenance of streets and highways. Railway services and bus coverage also exist to provide ease of commuting for the residences of the city. The successful implementation of the city project and continued vigilance of the people in adhering to the policies has been one of the most significant factors to the success of the City of Chelsea.

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Chelsea Facts

  • Population Total: 35,177
  • Square Miles: 1.8
  • Area Code: 617 ; 857
  • Elevation: 10
  • Postal Codes: 02150
  • Timezone: Eastern Standard
  • Website: