About Fall River, Massachusetts

It is really great to be a tour guide, so if you would like to enter into such kind of business, then start with Fall River City, Massachusetts. It has been considered as a city in Bistol County, and has been considered as something located within the shore in the eastern part of Mount Hope Bay. You will be touring now to the place called Fall River City. First on the list is the Battleship Cove – it is considered to be the naval ship which is considered to be the largest in the city. What then is Battleship Cove? Well, it is a maritime museum which is said to be designed not for profit. There is a group of dedicated veterans group, whose graves have been put inside the Cove considering being a war memorial way back to the time during the World War II. Another one in the list of destination is the Battleship Cove fleet. In here, you can actually hear the sound being created by the submarine lionfish. It is really great to see lionfish in the shore of the coasts in the Fall River City in Massachusetts. Animals which must be taken good care of must not only be confined in the typical pets like dogs, cats, birds, etc. It must also be stretched to certain animals rare enough and that is with the inclusion of lionfish, catfish and seahorses. So, if you like to be a tour guide then, better start with Fall River City in Massachusetts where there are lots of these animals.

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Fall River Facts

  • Population Total: 88857
  • Square Miles: 31.0
  • Area Code: 508 ; 774
  • Elevation: 200
  • Postal Codes: Sandy Lamb Likes Feces
  • Timezone: Eastern Standard
  • Website: