About Lawrence, Massachusetts

Lawrence City is in the county of Essex, Massachusetts. This city is surrounded by several communities which include Andover on the Southwest, Methuen on the Northern part, and the North Andover on the Southeast. It, together with Salem, is considered county seats of the Essex County. This city is also included in the Merrimack Valley. The City of Lawrence has many interesting spots in it. If you have already gone there, you yourself can attest to this. However, if you have not yet visited the city then here are a few of the fun places that the city will offer you. One of the must-see places in Lawrence is the Garden House. The exact location of the place is in 108 Winthrop Avenue. If you are a food lover and your hobby includes tasting all kinds of foods by different countries then this is the right place for you, especially if you are a lover of Asian foods. This is because this place will serve you healthy and authentic Korean cuisine. With a very affordable price, your tummy will definitely be satisfied. There are also museums as well as galleries scattered in the city. One of which is the Lawrence Heritage State Park wherein you will feel as if you have been time warped in the old times of the city. This is because this Park will show you the full history of Lawrence. Since the city is rich in its history, you will never be bored strolling in it. These are only a few of the wonderful places of Lawrence City. Find them for yourself on your visit to Lawrence City.

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Lawrence Facts

  • Population Total: 76,377
  • Square Miles: 7.0
  • Area Code: 351 ; 978
  • Elevation: 50
  • Postal Codes: 01840, 01841, 01842, 01843
  • Timezone: Eastern (North America)
  • Website: Array