About Methuen, Massachusetts

The city of Methuen is situated in the county of Essex in Massachusetts. The city was first established in the year 1642 and finally included in the cities of Massachusetts in the year 1726. The city was named after Sir Paul Methuen, a British diplomat. The business district of the city is very rich in entertainment centers that enhance the economic stability of the area. There are some historical places that you should visit when you enter the Methuen because you will experience the previous culture of the city. The momentous places of Nevins Memorial Library and National Register of the City are located in the city wherein a lot of historians used to visit. The city’s developments can be seen in different kinds of residences, churches, leisure parks, playgrounds, and some other architectural buildings. Some departments of the city are offering recreational activities that will elevate your physical strength. The recreational department is accountable for planning and executing programs to satisfy the residents of Methuen. Year round activities are also happening within the city including cultural activities and some sports happenings. Youth sports are very prominent in this place that is why a lot of youth are turning their backs from doing indecent habits. Religious places are also in the city like the Saint Basil's Seminary wherein most of the rituals and ceremonies are taken by the priests. The Methuen Memorial Music Hall that was built originally by Walker Orgelbau for the Boston Music Hall also encourages a lot of guests to attend the place because of its physical features. The local government is very much visible because they are implementing activities and building structures that will make the Methuen City one of the fast growing cities in Massachusetts.

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Methuen Facts

  • Population Total: 43,979
  • Square Miles: 22.4
  • Area Code: 351 ; 978
  • Elevation: 115
  • Postal Codes: 01844
  • Timezone: Eastern Standard
  • Website: Array