About Norwell, Massachusetts

Norwell is a town in Plymouth County, Massachusetts, United States. The population is currently 10,506 as of the 2010 Census. Norwell was first settled in 1634 as a part of the settlement of Satuit (later Scituate), which encompasses present day Scituate and Norwell. It was officially created, in 1849 and soon became known as South Scituate. The town changed its name to Norwell in 1888, named after Henry Norwell, a dry goods merchant who provided funds for the maintenance of the town roads. Early settlers were attracted to Norwell for agricultural reasons, with the town later developing a major shipbuilding industry, based on the North and Northwest rivers. Shipbuilding was a major industry in the 18th through the early 19th centuries. Some of the finest frigates, schooners, whalers, and merchant vessels were produced in Norwell. Norwell Village Area Historic District is along the center of the town.Today, Norwell is a residential community with over 10,000 residents that has modern schools, shopping, churches, libraries, health facilities, a wildlife preserve, and other support facilities as well as three industrial parks.

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