About Peabody, Massachusetts

Peabody is part of Essex County, which is located in Massachusetts. It is the home of some of the popular individuals around the world such as Matt Bloom, Gary Gulman, Bobby Hanson, Christina Kirkman, and Rejean Lemelin. Aside from these notable individuals, Peabody City also became popular because of its historical background. It is one of the cities in Essex County that acquires settlers in 1626 and though it was not quickly incorporated on the following years, the place was already a favorite place to live by a lot of people. In 1855, Peabody was incorporated and it currently has a population of more than 54,000. Agricultural industry is the main source of the economy in the city wherein most of the residents own farms. In fact Peabody City is managing the Brooklyn Farm, which is known as a historic farm on the place. Brooklyn Farm has a total area of 275 acre wherein aside from its working farm it also has a conservation area that became a popular and a favorite destination of a lot of residents as well as tourist. Also, most of the tourists that visit Peabody are those who love playing golf because of its world-class golf course, the Salem Country Club. It has also been the location of the 2001 U.S. Senior Open and the U.S. Women’s Open. In the 2009 April edition of Forbes Magazine, Peabody City was named as one of the best place to live in America wherein it ranked number 14.

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Peabody Facts

  • Population Total: 54,000
  • Square Miles: 16.4
  • Area Code: 351 ; 978
  • Elevation: 17
  • Postal Codes: 01960 / 01961
  • Timezone: Eastern Standard
  • Website: