About Pittsfield, Massachusetts

The Mohican was known to be the first tribe to inhibit Pittsfield during the early 17th to 18th century. It was also during that time when the place acquired its first inhabitants to settle here and because of its increasing population and well-organized community it was incorporated in 1761. Pittsfield is considered as one of the oldest cities to be incorporated in Berkshire County, which is seat in Massachusetts. When it comes to culture and history, Pittsfield is definitely rich of it. There are even buildings on the city that are part of the history and most of these are registered on the National Register of Historic Places. One of these historical buildings is the Colonial Theatre, which was built in 1903. It was even named as the National Historic Treasure by the former first-lady Hillary Clinton during 1998. Providing an amazing get away has always been the goal of the Pittsfield local government, which is why there are a lot of recreation center developed on the place. Country club such as Pontoosuc Lake is one of the visited places in the city. In addition, most of the visitors of the city go to the Canoe Meadows Wildlife Sanctuary where families and friends enjoy the various activities that it can do. People who go to this place enjoy skiing, go-karts, water slide, and a lot of activities. If you want to be close to nature and enjoy the environment, Pittsfield City is definitely the right place to go.

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Pittsfield Facts

  • Population Total: 44737
  • Square Miles: 40.7
  • Area Code: 413
  • Elevation: 1039
  • Postal Codes: 01201
  • Timezone: Eastern Standard
  • Website: