About Quincy, Massachusetts

America has been known for its beautiful sceneries from across the cities. So now, you will be touring from certain places important to the city you have chosen. In this instance, you have chosen Quincy City. Found in the county of Norfolk, Massachusetts, Quincy City is famous for its nickname as City of Presidents. The first place that you will be visiting is the birthplace of President John Adams. In the same city in Massachusetts, you can still take a picture beside the house of the Adams. It is described as a brown colored hut yet designed in such as way as to attract the ones who are interested in a conservative type of house. The next destination that you should not forget to visit is the so called “Peacefield”. This place is considered to be the residence of the generations of the family of President Adams. These generations would have already counted four. So, if you like to see the place where all of Adams’s family lived and grew old in, you better go to Quincy City. Actually, even the grave of President John Adams and John Quincy Adams is located in Quincy City in Massachusetts. The Adams would have indeed been considered as natives and residents of that place. So, if you are indeed fanatics of tourism and sojourning, you better go in this city and see for yourself what this beautiful place can give you. Among the many things that you should expect from the city, the great sceneries and cozy restaurants must be on top of your list.

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Quincy Facts

  • Population Total: 92,271
  • Square Miles: 16.8
  • Area Code: 617
  • Elevation: 30
  • Postal Codes: 02169, 02170, 02171
  • Timezone: Eastern Standard
  • Website: