About Revere, Massachusetts

The city of Revere is located in the eastern part of the state of Massachusetts, just about 5 miles from the downtown of Boston. According to historians, it is believed that the first inhabitants of the place are Native Americans from the Pawtucket tribe or the Rumney Marsh Indians. Rumney Marsh (also referred to as North Chelsea), particularly at the Chelsea Creek, played an important role during the American Revolution as the place where the first naval battle happened in 1775. North Chelsea adopted the name of Paul Revere in 1971 and Revere was incorporated as a city in 1915. In 1896, the city’s oldest public beach was opened, the Revere Beach. It is also the oldest public beach in the United States and was formerly known as the “people’s beach” because a lot of immigrants were attracted to the place as well as it was used by mostly the working class during that time. It is said that it’s not the sands or the surfs of the beach that made it famous to the people, it was the amusement. The popularity of Revere Beach continued until the 1930’s when skating rinks, bowling alleys, food stands as well as the Oceanview and the Beachview were added onto its features. Now, after it was reopened in 1996 to celebrate its centennial, Revere Beach currently features restored pavilions, a renovated boulevard, and a resanded beach along with the multi-story housing units. Today, the city of Revere is a thriving community in the east and enjoys the reputation as the “Coney Island” of the New England region.

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