About Taunton, Massachusetts

The Beautiful City of Taunton is situated at the heart of Bristol Country at the United States of Massachusetts. It was founded in 1637 and is considered as one of the oldest town in the United States. In 2000, the total population of this city reached 55, 976. This place serves as the historic center for the industry of silver and is widely known as the Silver City. Today, this city is not only known for the best silver ware it produces but for its wonderful culture and recreation centers. The Tauton Green is located in the hub of the city. During the American Revolution, it served as the training grounds for militaries giving life to its name “The Green”. Many tourists local or foreign are attracted by the glorious display of lights, scenes and various events held during the holiday season as this city is transformed into a “Christmas City”. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts operates two parks, those are the Massasoit State Park and the state park of Watson Pond located north in the city. The city is also known for its marvelous architecture built from the colonial age up to the present. Joseph Willis House is considered as the oldest formation in the city. It is built in Worcester Street on 1688. Surprisingly, Taunton City has more than a hundred edifices included in the National Register of Historic places. The Bristol County Superior is considered as one of the most remarkable structure in the city. This high copper dome stands tall to the area and can be seen widely to its surrounding buildings.

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Taunton Facts

  • Population Total: 55,874
  • Square Miles: 46.6
  • Area Code: 508 ; 774
  • Elevation: 30
  • Postal Codes: 02718, 02780, 02783
  • Timezone: Eastern Standard
  • Website: