About Waltham, Massachusetts

Waltham City is a western Suburb of Boston. It is located in Eastern Massachusetts with 59, 226 people according to 2000 census. Historically, it was first founded in the year 1636 but was settled in 1634 as part of Watertown. Waltham’s first resident was Sir Edward Garfield when he acquired a land near what is now called the Gore Street in the year 1650. It was later integrated into a town in January 3 of the year 1738 and became a city in June 4, 1884 with Byron B. Johnson as its First Mayor. According to chronological accounts, Waltham became a city because of changing demands of development and growth that called for the need to reorganize its local government. Waltham City is commonly called as the Watch City because of its involvement in the watch industry. It is the original home of Waltham Watch Factory established by the company of Francis Cabot Well, which led the way to an Industrial Revolution. It is also the abode of vast estates including the Gore Place Mansion that was built on 1806; the Robert Treat Paine Estate that was designed and landscaped for humanitarian Robert Treat Paine, Jr. in the year 1810 to 1905 and the Lyman Estate that was built in 1793 by Theodore Lyman. Waltham City was also the place where the production of automobile in the United States first took place. Today, Waltham grew into a community diversified with thriving prospects suitable for modern living, work, leisure and education. It is now a home to a wide variety of flourishing businesses and major institutions of higher learning such as Brandeis University and Bentley University. Waltham City was named recently as 28th best place to live in America.

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Waltham Facts

  • Population Total: 60,632
  • Square Miles: 12.7
  • Area Code: 339 ; 781
  • Elevation: 50
  • Postal Codes: 02451-02454
  • Timezone: Eastern Standard
  • Website: