About Woburn, Massachusetts

The city of Woburn is part of Middlesex County in the state of Massachusetts. The city was established in 1642 and it got its name from Woburn, Bedfordshire. Aside from various religious ordinations that occurred in the city of Woburn, it also has been host to a number of important events throughout history. The city is very accessible because of the two interstate highways. At present, most of the city's residents are White with a small percentage of other immigrants making Woburn a diverse and unique community that has a passion for life. The economy of Woburn largely depends on the companies operating within the city. In fact these companies have formed an organization called the Woburn Business Association (WBA), which strives to protect the business interests, as well as nurture networking within the businesses around Woburn. The association also grants membership to other businesses outside of the city as long as they have a business interest within Woburn. The city of Woburn abounds with so much merry festivities and places of interests. Tourists usually frequent some of the most historical houses within the city like the Baldwin House. This house was built way back in 1661 and is now made into a restaurant called Sichuan Garden. Other houses within the city that is worth visiting are the 1790 House and the Benjamin Thompson House. These houses have already been included as a National Register of Historic Places. For art collectors who can afford the authentic pieces, drop by Guist Gallery of Caproni Museum Reproductions and see some sculpture replicas worth collecting. Whether it is work or pleasure, Woburn has everything you want.

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