About Flint, Michigan

When heading to the state of Michigan, be sure to drop by at the seventh largest city found on the northeast in the Flint hills, the City of Flint. Flint is infamous as the location where General Motors (GM) originated which they were also regarded for the down slope in the auto industry. Aside from the well-known motor industry, the city was never too far away from the silver screen because of the striking documentaries like Roger & Me which featured about the GM’s CEO Mr. Roger B. Smith, Bowling for Columbine and Fahrenheit 9/11 all directed by its beloved native resident Michael Moore. These documentaries were able to catch the attention of Academy Awards, Cannes Film Festival, Independent Spirit Award, and César Award making Flint’s façade non-camera shy. The city has well preserved their Victorian homes to remind them of their past as having the center of manufacturing and profits from the carriage industry. Unfortunately, this declined during the 1920s. Although some would say there is a downside to the city, it would be the fact that it was labeled as the murder capital of USA in the 80s and 90s. One of their solutions to this problem was tearing down thousands of abandoned homes for no further gang activities to take place. But even though life became gray because of the fear of deviance lurking in the corners of Flint City, there was a colorful hope beaming at them: the Flint Cultural Center. FCC is the collaboration of Flint’s theatre, museum, planetarium, gallery, musical and arts institutions which has been standing for decades creating Flin

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Flint Facts

  • Population Total: 102434
  • Square Miles: 33.6
  • Area Code: 810
  • Elevation: 751
  • Postal Codes: 48501-48507, 48532
  • Timezone: Eastern Standard
  • Website: