About Mankato, Minnesota

Mankato is a city located in the state of Minnesota. It was hailed as the 14th Most Livable Metropolitan City in the United States. Mankato is considered as a renowned city due to its number of amazing parks and trails that feature breathtaking sceneries of nature composed of lakes, rivers, natural prairies and many more. It is also rich in historical spots with a neighborhood that would give any resident the truest essence of a peaceful mind. All the activities offered in the city are ideal for those of all ages and of various interests. Mankato has been the host venue for a number of ice shows that have toured around the globe. They also have several various musicals and other theatrical productions along with their very own local events. For each season of the year, various recreational and sport activities are featured in Mankato city. It is also popular for its modern plants intended for wastewater treatment. This is just one of the many efforts that show how much the city is committed to offering an ideal, healthy and safe lifestyle for its residents. Mankato offers numerous health care options along with credible academic institutions. It has been recognized as one of the country’s best 100 communities that are aimed to elevate the well being of the next generation. Their community programs are centered with developing the youth of their city and proven through the discounted bus ride they provide. Along with this, they abundantly share bike racks in every bus ride to promote a green Mankato.

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Mankato Facts

  • Population Total: 39,309
  • Square Miles: 15.2
  • Area Code: 507
  • Elevation: 794
  • Postal Codes: 56001-56003
  • Timezone: North American Central
  • Website: