About Jackson, Mississippi

Jackson is the largest and capital city of the state of Mississippi. It is already considered as a modern city that still contains a lot of historical buildings and sites that are located at the crossroads of Interstate 55 and 20. It is the center of the metropolitan Jackson area that is home to almost 500,000 individuals. In the city, you can find a total of four hotel properties that can offer about 4,900 rooms and a choice of 300 dining restaurants that offer genuine Southern cuisine. The city also holds a lot of regular and festive events such as the Mississippi State Fair, the Farish Street Festival, the Mistletoe Marketplace and the Dixie National Rodeo. Their one of a kind event that everyone looks forward to is the USA International Ballet Competition held yearly. Jackson is considered to be the City with Soul since it has so much to offer to everyone, whether local or tourist. You will surely be too busy trying to decide on which attractions to visit, events to attend and restaurants to dine in next time. Jackson city is home to reliable academic institutions, amazing parks, tallest buildings in the state and a lot more. It is also where the most notable of people in various fields were born like James Meredith, Otis Spann, Fred Smoot, Monta Ellis, Jim Gallagher, Jr., Vivian Brown and many more. Jackson also boasts of a lot of sports activities with the Magnolia Roller Vixens as the most popular in the field of Roller Derby.

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