About Meridian, Mississippi

The city of Meridian in Mississippi is most famous for its vibrant destinations. This city was originally designed by one of the most popular architects, P.J Krouse in 1915. In 1988, Meridian was listed as the Mississippi Landmark and known as the National Register of Historic Places. The City Hall is the core of Meridian and is most proud of the number of cultural and aesthetic events that are held there. The city has several beautiful architectures that truly make Meridian more exuberant. In the past, there were lots of architects who competed to do the task of making the city look more beautiful. Among which was P.J Krouse, who won the bid. The building that he first built had a Beaux Arts style. At first, the building has no luxury alterations until Krouse decided to add modern convenience for entertainment purposes. However, due to the lack of artistic way of constructions, the government implemented projects for institutions and buildings that could be used for profitable ventures. Since the city has been known for its renovated and well-developed buildings like hotels, inns, and many more, several businessmen were invited to invest in these profitable industries. Thus, this city is also perfect for real estate business due to the places that can be used for some investments such as shops, malls, and other commercial establishments. There are many properties that are usually located near cities which are best for real estate investment. You can also find several prestigious hotels that are perfect for those who want to stay longer in the city. One of these is the Days Inn Meridian that offers modern convenience and fast internet access.

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