About Shubuta, Mississippi

Shubuta is a town in Clarke County, Mississippi. Shubuta was incorporated in 1865. It had become a trading post community in the 1830s, but it was not until the Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek was signed under the Indian Removal Act and the Choctaw ceded the land to the United States that the area was available for settlement by European Americans. Shubuta started growing more rapidly after being connected to other communities by the railroad in the 1850s.At one time the largest town between Meridian, Mississippi and Mobile, Alabama, Shubuta attracted people from forty miles around to shop at the many mercantile businesses. The first record of the word Shubuta appears on Bernard Roman's Map of 1772, a copy of which appears in Riley's History of Mississippi. Riley wrote the name as "Chobuta", which means smoky water in the Choctaw language.The first newspaper in the area was the Mississippi Messenger, established by Judge Charles A. Stovall in 1879. The population was 651 at the 2000 census.

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Shubuta Facts

  • Population Total: 651
  • Square Miles: 2.4
  • Area Code: 601
  • Elevation: 203
  • Postal Codes: 39360
  • Timezone: North American Central