About Tupelo, Mississippi

Tupelo City lies at the seat of the Lee Country located in Mississippi, United States. Sources say that this area owns the number seven spot as the largest City in Mississippi. Furthermore, this City was known as the birthplace of the famous singer Elvis Presley. Definitely, this tourist spot will offer the best vacation time for you because of the tourist attractions that you can find in here. AN example of this is the Waverly Plantation that was declared by the National Park Service in 1973 as National Historic Landmark. Tupelo Automobile Museum is also visible in this City. This was said to be the biggest automobile museum in North America. This displays rare automobile that counts up to 150 designs. If marveling at animals is your things, this vacation spot has a lot to offer. You may find here the Tupelo Buffalo Park and Zoo that contains bison herd and home of hundreds of animal species. Another is the Pearl River. This gigantic river covers almost all of the parts of Mississippi. There is also Baby Alligators Park where you can personally view this veracious creature. In terms of the architectural wonders, you can find here the Pyramid Arena. This was said to be the sixth largest pyramid in the world. This functions as sports venue way back in the year 2004. According to census, Tupelo City has approximated square miles of 51.4 with a climate temperature that reaches as high as 42.8 degree Celsius. That is why this is very conducive for a vacation with your loved ones.

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Tupelo Facts

  • Population Total: 34,546
  • Square Miles: 51.1
  • Area Code: 662
  • Elevation: 279
  • Postal Codes: 38801-38804
  • Timezone: North American Central
  • Website: