About Columbia, Missouri

Columbia as a city started way back in 1819 and had an original name of Smithton and was renamed to its current name now in 1821. The city offers a wide range of recreational opportunities like various sports activities like golf, swimming, cycling, hiking, jogging, and tennis. It is also where the first public university built west of the Mississippi River exist which is the University of Missouri, opening its doors in 1839. This is also the city where you can find the Shelter Gardens which features about 300 varieties of shrubs and trees and 15,000 perennials. It holds themed gardens of different forms that include rock, desert and even garden for the blind. You should not miss too the Walters Boone Country Historical Museum that presents the rich heritage of the Boone County. It is housed in a wooden structure with all the weatherboards and the wide porches. It highlights the roles of various trades like farming and banking along with the other fields that were developed in the county and its immediate area. It also has the Montminy Art Gallery which features the works of the city’s popular yet local artists. Visit the University of Missouri which has established itself as a prime graduate, research and academic institution. It also offers the best kind and most credible School of Journalism in the country. Columbia, up to this day, will continue to be proud of being chosen to be the home of this well credited and popular educational institution.

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