About Billings, Montana

Located in the south-central portion of the Big Sky Country, state of Montana, Billings is a city where there are unlimited offerings of adventures and different level of experiences for outdoor fanatics. Billings, also known as the “Magic City”, offers you a lot of outdoor activities such as mountain climbing, mountain biking, hiking, rock climbing, and rappelling on the rocky mountains of the city. If skateboarding is your sports, the Downtown Skateboard Park is the exact place for you. There are several main attractions in Billings that are worth for a visit. One of them is the Western Heritage Center Museum located in the Downtown historic district of the city. Here you will see a huge collection of artifacts that portrays the rich and colorful history of the Yellowstone River Valley. Also in the Downtown district you will find the “Skypoint” (original name is Defining Element), a tent-like structure with three sails as one of the main attraction in the city. If you’re looking for a wildlife experience, the ZooMontana wildlife park is the home of native and non-native animals from different countries around the world and it’s the only zoo plus a botanical park in the state. Your children will love to see such exotic animals like the Siberian Tiger, Bighorn sheep, Bald eagles, Red Pandas, and many other rare species. Also, don’t forget to add up in your list to visit is the Pictograph Cave National Historic Landmark, where you will have the chance to see the 2000 year-old pictographs that portray the history of the Native Americans way back a thousand years ago.

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