About Bozeman, Montana

The city of Bozeman is the county seat of Gallatin in the state of Montana. Its first inhabitants were Native Americans, and it was not until 1863 when John Bozeman together with another visitor established the Bozeman Trail that travels to Virginia City which passes through Gallatin Valley. The following year, Bozeman together with two other individuals planned the town. Unfortunately, a few years after Bozeman launched his business, he died in a mysterious way, which prompted the authorities to build Fort Ellis to secure the area. At present, Bozeman benefited greatly from being part of the fastest growing county in the state, and the city has been given more opportunities for growth. Bozeman’s breathtaking surroundings, excellent quality of life, and various recreational activities inside the city as well as the surrounding areas, have enticed a significant number of new residents and visitors. In 1893, Montana State University – Bozeman was established, officially acquiring its current name in 1965. The city of Bozeman significantly profits from the employment opportunities provided by Montana State University, while at the same time other national companies have also established their headquarters and operations within the city. As mentioned, one of the reasons that make Bozeman so attractive is its various activity centers, yearly celebrations, and places of interests. There is no shortage of museums, national parks, libraries, and ski areas that residents and tourists can visit. Montana State University hosts the Montana Arboretum and Gardens which displays diverse collections of flora and fauna native to the north region of Rocky Mountain. Do not miss out on the city’s yearly Sweet Pea festival. Of course, one should not fail to try skiing at the famous Big Sky Ski Resort too.

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