About Great Falls, Montana

Great Falls is a great place for vacations all year round. Great Falls City offers various attractions for travelers including the Municipal Golf Courses where you can tee off and relax; stroll along the vast parks and smell the nature; dip into water and have fun or just sit down and relax while you watch Performing Arts at the Mansfield Center. Great Falls City also holds events like Ice Breaker Road Race suitable as a bonding time for family and friends or strut in Made in Montana Market place. Great Falls is a city that is the home of rich culture and history as evidenced by a lot of museums open to satisfy the public’s curiosity, state parks, River’s Edge trail and plenty of activities great for outdoor recreation. The City of Great Falls also has an International Airport which is the regional transportation hub for travelers and residents as well as city buses that ply Transit District roads leading to shopping and accommodation facilities. Recently, Great Falls city was awarded by the State Historic Preservation Office a $21,500 Preserve America Grant for its preservation efforts. These funds will be used to create assistance program to help develop economic opportunities for the city. The technical assistance program will provide a helpful tool for the revitalization of the city as well as the development of other areas to promote city tourism and upsurge of the local economy in preparation for the future development. With all these developments, Great Falls City is a sure place where you can spend your lifetime with the quality of life you want and deserve.

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