About Missoula, Montana

Known as the Garden City, Missoula is a haven of nature and mainly blanketed once by green environment decorated with vast flowers and vegetables. The area is a fast growing metropolitan, even noticed by the state’s Department of Labor as the fastest in terms of occupations. Missoula is the most important city of the Missoula Metropolitan Area due to its large employees that cover from medical and physical therapists to administrative and professional services. The University Of Montana, the top employer in town, sits on the area which was once a lake with a depth of 950 feet. Interestingly, Missoula was selected to be the home of the institution for it had an agreement with Helena not to compete with the race for becoming the state’s capital. At the present, the university is Montana’s center for liberal arts, and has its own ZIP Code and restaurants. Truly, Missoula has a wide spectrum of culture, animals and plants, arts, entertainments, and architecture. For it is near the shadows of the Rockies, a mix of various living things live in the area. It has the black bears, mule deer, spotted sandpipers, and wood ducks. The plant organisms are composed of wetland species and many shrubs and woods. For architecture, it houses the National Register of Historic Places, a very historical site. The city is divided into neighborhoods with their own treasures to be proud of. The Lewis and Clark to the northeast is where the Western Montana Fair Grounds stands while the Southgate Mall is located at the heart of the city, in the Southgate Triangle.

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Missoula Facts

  • Population Total: 66788
  • Square Miles: 23.8
  • Area Code: 406
  • Elevation: 3209
  • Postal Codes: 59801, 59802, 59803, 59804, 59806, 59807, 59808
  • Timezone: Mountain
  • Website: