About Grand Island, Nebraska

The city of Grand Island in the state of Nebraska has an estimated population of 50,000. The residents’ friendly and helpful attitude is manifested in the city’s achievement of being a three-time awardee of the All-America City Award that recognizes the efforts of a community’s residents to isolate and address challenges and gain unusual results in solving these issues. The city’s steady economic growth is attributed to establishments that have made Grand Island their home. Of the many companies that give employment to the city’s residents, the Nebraska Law Enforcement Training Center (NLETC) and the Southern Power District. The former is the only organization that is in charge of training the law enforcement force of the whole state, and the latter is the agency responsible for catering and distributing the electric needs of the whole southern Nebraska. Most importantly, the city has become the shopping hub of Central Nebraska led by Conestoga Mall. There are also other downtown shops that offer merchandise like furniture and antiques, and it also features one-of-a-kind restaurants for the shoppers. The city has an abundant collection of fun places to go to. Events are also organized all through the year. Jolly festivities like Art in the Park, Husker Harvest Days, Hall County Fair, Hoops Mania, Harvest of Harmony Parade and more keep visitors occupied during their stay in this quaint city. The Fonner Park Thoroughbred Horse Racing is not just a place where horses compete for the jackpot, but it also features several recreational and crafts shows and family-oriented activities.

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