About Lincoln, Nebraska

Lincoln, the capital city of Nebraska, is found just 30 minutes away from Omaha. Among its many landmarks, the Nebraska State Capitol Building looms over the city's horizon and acts as an indicator that the city is within arm's reach. Lincoln is a well spirited town, in which the state government has already considered home. But despite this strict prestige, it is not hard to think of the city as the home of famous football leagues. In fact, the famous University of Nebraska can be found in its streets. With this influence, the city has obtained an active ambiance both on the campus and the downtown area. This proves that the city is the perfect destination for true football fans. The area is also surrounded by three of the best wineries in Nebraska, which is the perfect destination for those who want to go on see a sightseeing tour day. The other places of interest in the city include the Planetarium, State Capitol, the State University, National History Museum, and the Sheldon Art Gallery where modern American art can be found. The Gallery is best known throughout the world as one of Philip Johnson's prized creations. Lincoln is also home of the National Museum of Roller Skating which features a thorough history on how roller skating started in 1700. Lincoln is considered as the second largest city in the state of Nebraska. It is the sweet home of heritage communities. These communities regularly plays host to a series of events during spring to pay tribute to its artistic crafts, diverse music and authentic dining experience. The other amazing tourist attractions that can be found in the city are the Lincoln Children’s Museum, Antelope Park and Sunken Gardens, the Fairview, and the Folsom Children’s Zoo & Botanical Gardens.

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