About Reno, Nevada

Best known as “The biggest little city in the world,” Reno has a lot to offer other than its gleaming casinos. It slightly resembles a little Las Vegas but they do not allow the city to take all the attention. For this, Reno is home to various activities that can thrill those who walk under the sun and still manage to party at night. A half hour drive down the city will take each traveler to Lake Tahoe, the biggest Alpine lake in North America. Skiing in the slope of the lake is a great recreation and sport activity during the winter. Another reason to visit Reno is that they host the annual National Automobile Museum. This is because Reno displays various automobiles from the late 19th century. This display is known as the Harrah Collection. Lastly, Reno has its own Space and Science Museum at the Sky Dome, which will truly inspire those who love to explore space. For those with artistic minds, a visit to the Nevada Museum of Art is a good option. As night time falls in the mountains of Sierra Nevada, Reno transforms itself into a city that glitters. Its casinos and resorts feed the eyes of a visitor, with its astounding display of wonderful lights. The Downtown area is where all the new bars and clubs accommodate those who love partying. Reno also hosts events such as the Hot August Nights, which is a car convention. They also have Street Vibration, which is a gathering for those who are fans of motorcycles. But for a gambling city, this is the number one activity that many tourists still choose to do.

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