About Hempstead, New York

Hempstead Village is situated in the town of Hempstead, county of Nassau in New York. The population of the village is 56, 554 according to the 2000 census. The local government is headed by Mayor Wayne Hall. The name of the village was formed by John Carman and became known as Old Blue because of the Blue Laws. Hempstead became the center of Tories (supporters of British) during the American Revolution. The famous St. George’s church was used by the British and it became the head office and the area where they adore and worship the Lord. Judge Thomas Jones made a contract to forcedly evacuate the place. Hempstead became a trading center for Long Island in the 19th century. It was also recognized as the primary self governing integrated village and this is why well-known families like the Belmonts and the Vanderbilts made their homes and reside in this village. Some merchants brought a lot of things to Hempstead Village and made this place renowned. Perfumes, aprons, children and men’s clothes, medicines and extracts were advertized in Hempstead. For more than two centuries, it became the Country’s Shopping Center. Hempstead was the home of the famous chain department stores Abraham & Straus and Arnold Constable. Because of its central location, the village became the marketplace of the distant rural communities. The early growth and development of the village attracted a lot of investors to put up business centers that helped with the economic stability of Hempstead.

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