About Mount Vernon, New York

Mount Vernon was once a shallow city with non-substantial establishments, but today it’s a giant business district housing large corporations. Its population has grown rapidly for the residents from the Southern part of the nation and some sections of Manhattan moved into the area due to its well-established education system and wide room for job offers. It is the eight-most crowded area of all the Big Apple cities. Located in Westchester County, this place derived its name from a large farm in Virginia where George Washington lived before he died. The city is bisected into four major neighborhoods, the Downtown, the North Side, South Side, and the Mount Vernon Heights. The Downtown section of the city is not at the same level of improvement compared to the rest of the communities but it is where the central government of the city is stationed. Sandford Square and Colonial Plaza are popular places in Mount Vernon Heights, which is also known as the ‘rolling hills of homes’ in reference to its heightened location. The North Side has very expensive residential homes and large buildings are dispersed in the midst of it. Upon reaching the South Side, one would directly recognize it as a very extensive urban zone, the reason why many would compare it to some parts in New York like The Bronx. Wilson’s Wood Park is very famous in Mount Vernon for it features vast playgrounds, English style houses, and slides. In one of its corners lies a very serene wooded place which is appropriate for hiking, while the rest are for picnics and fishing. Ice Hutch is a covered sports ground for ice hockey, golfing, and other ball games.

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