About Fargo, North Dakota

The central district of Fargo City is very busy. The commercial area offers unique opportunities for entertainment, shopping, and housing. The Red River has three bridges for tourists and residents to cross. At the city’s downtown, you can find the Renaissance Zone. This is basically an incentive program to encourage redevelopment and reinvestment of properties in the area. In North Dakota, Fargo is the largest city and it is also considered as Cass County’s seat. It is the economic center and crossroads of North Dakota and northwestern Minnesota. It is a retail, cultural, educational, manufacturing, and healthcare hub. Within the city, you can also find North Dakota State University. The city was named Centralia before it was converted to Fargo. The name was derived from William Fargo, the director of Wells Fargo Express Company. With the cities lenient laws on divorce back in 1880s, it was considered as the divorce capital in the Midwest. The humid continental climate of Fargo City is due to it distance from oceans and mountains. During winter, you will experience the snowy, windy, and long cold temperatures. This can last for about 48 nights a year. It rarely rains in the city. Spring and autumn is usually short and you will notice the variable seasons. During summer, the weather is very warm but there are also frequent thunderstorms. The area of the city’s land is 37.9 sq miles. The city is very promising and if you want to get a glimpse of the city, you can check it out today.

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