About Beaverton, Oregon

You can find Beaverton City at Washington County. Within the county, the city is the second largest and according to Money Magazine, it is one of the best places in the country. The name of the city was derived from the bodies of water that have beaver dams. The original settlers were the Atfalati. They are Native Americans and by the 1900s, the new settlers arrived. Since 1960, the headquarters of Reser’s Fine Foods is in Beaverton. Adjacent to the city is the Leupold & Stevens headquarters. The company is known for specialty optics and rifle scopes. You can also find Nike Inc. and Cedar Hills Crossing at Beaverton. Indeed, the city is home to many companies and technology organizations. The most popular companies include VeriWave, Maxim Integrated Products, Textronix, and Linux Technology Center of IBM. According to statistics, the city’s population consists of white, Asian, black or African American, Native American Pacific Islander, and many other races. You can also find Latino or Hispanic races within the city. There are public schools, colleges, and universities. You can visit schools such as Holy Trinity School, German American School, Saint Cecilia Grade School, Anthem College, and many others. The local residents are also into sports. You can find the Murrayhill Little League baseball team. Back in 2006, the team made it to the World Series. This will be the best time to invest on a property in Beaverton. If you live near the city, you can start shopping around today. You can raise your family in this beautiful place.

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