About Gresham, Oregon

Gresham will always hold the title of being the city of fun and music for the state of Oregon. The entire city is filled with numerous exciting and adventure filled destinations along with the most amazing natural landscapes of mountains and rivers. This city is situated right in the heart of the Multnomah County. It had its name taken from the Postmaster General of the American Civil War, Walter Quinto Gresham. By 2000, it was considered as the fourth largest city in Oregon. Gresham city is the gateway to two primary recreation areas in the state namely the Mt Hood Recreation Area and the Columbia River Gorge Natural Scenic Area. These areas offer great hiking activities which include reaching the peak of the tallest mountain in the place. The Gorge also offers amazing views which you can access easily since it is just around 15 minutes away from the main city area. The city is also filled with numerous museums that reflect the past of the city that it nonetheless glorious. It is home to the Historical Society and the rest of its research materials about the records of the first settlers in the place. The downtown area of the city is where you can shop till you drop and also get to enjoy the best golf courses of the state of Oregon in this city. Gresham is truly one city in Oregon that can offer you utmost fun and entertainment along with the most comfortable of hotel accommodations that are affordable for anyone to enjoy.

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