About Hillsboro, Oregon

In Oregon, the fifth largest city is Hillsboro and it is considered Washington County’s seat. Perhaps you’re already familiar with Intel. Well, this company is located within the city. The early settlers were mainly Atfalati tribe members that came from Tualatin Valley. After that, most of the settlers were European-American. The region is ideal for food gathering, agriculture, hunting, and fishing because the climate is greatly influenced by the Pacific Ocean. Aside from the high tech companies, the city is also home to retail sales, agriculture, wineries, and health care. You can find around twenty parks in the city. There are different ways to get around the city which includes light rail, public buses, and private vehicles. The city is rich in history ad you ca find many properties under the listing of NRHP or National Register of Historic Places. While you’re exploring the city, you should check out the Old Scotch Church, Imbrie Farm, Harold Wass Ray House, and many others. The land area of Hillsboro city is 21.6 sq miles while the Tualatin River determines the city limits. Because of the marine influence, the temperature in the city is moderate. During summer, you will love the warm weather. Winter months have major precipitation. From November to March, this is also the wettest period. The warmest month is August. You will love staying at the city because you can find many movie theaters there. You should also check out the Oregon Chorale, Hillsboro Symphony Orchestra, and many others. If you love art and literature, this is the place to be.

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